How to enable Developer Mode in iOS

How to enable Developer mode on iOS devices

Whether you are an aspiring developer, a game designer, or just someone who just so happens to need this function, getting iOS devices to be able to be compatible with imports for your code or applications can be challenging at times.

However, as of iOS 16 and above, you can now enable the new Developer Mode to help smoothen out the process of whatever special need you have.

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Creating a Rogue-like (like Vampire Survivors) - Part 9

Creating a Rogue-like Shoot ‘Em Up (like Vampire Survivors) — Part 9: Game Manager and UI 1

Ever wanted to create a rogue-like shoot 'em up game like Vampire Survivors? In Part 9 of our guide, we will go through how to create a game manager to connect everything we have created thus far. We will also cover how to create some important UI elements for the game, including several add-on features. You can also find Part 8 of our guide here, where we went through how to create passive items, and a way to manage the player's inventory. This included a way for the player to control and keep track of their existing passive items and weapons. We also created functionality for our weapons and passive items to level up.

A link to a package containing the project files up to Part 9 of this tutorial series can also be found at the end of this article.

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XAMPP phpMyAdmin not accessible in Windows

Unable to access phpMyAdmin on XAMPP (in Windows)

XAMPP is a great tool for web developers because it packages a couple of applications used for web hosting into one program, and it allows websites to be tested locally on a computer. Unfortunately, because it links multiple applications together, it is pretty error-prone.

One of the errors that might happen is that you might not be able to access XAMPP’s phpMyAdmin, which provides users with an interface to modify the local SQL database. In this article, we go through the various reasons why this might occur, as well as how you can fix them.

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What to do if the UI Text component is missing in Unity

What to do if the UI Text component is missing in your Unity Editor

Unity is a popular game development engine that provides many tools to create interactive and engaging games. One of the most important aspects of any game is the user interface, which includes text elements that provide information and feedback to the player. Unity provides two options for creating text elements: the legacy Text component and the newer TextMeshPro.

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How to fix gaps in your Tiles in Unity's 2D Tilemap

How to fix gaps in your tiles in Unity’s 2D Tilemaps

Are you working on a pixel-art 2D game in Unity and noticing gaps between your tiles? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! While Unity provides fantastic tools for creating visually stunning games, a common issue can crop up when trying to perfectly align your tiles. In this article, we’ll explain why this happens, and offer solutions to help you overcome this challenge. So let’s get started and make your game the envy of all 2D game developers!

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Fix resolve of invalid GC handle in Unity

How to fix the “Resolve of invalid GC handle” error in Unity

If you’re working with Unity 2020, you might have run into an Resolve of invaild GC handle error. Don’t panic! This error is a common one that many Unity developers have faced, and there are several ways to resolve it. In this article, we will explore different ways to fix this error.

Here’s how the error typically looks like:

Resolve of invalid GC handle. The handle is from a previous domain. The resolve operation is skipped.
UnityEngine.GUILayout:Window (int,UnityEngine.Rect,UnityEngine.GUI/WindowFunction,string,UnityEngine.GUIStyle,UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[])
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