Why an ArrayList cannot contain primitives in Java

Why an ArrayList in Java cannot contain primitives like int, double or char

In Java, an ArrayList is a very convenient object that allows us to create and manage variable-length arrays. However, in Java, an ArrayList also has a weird quirk. You cannot declare an ArrayList that uses Java primitives. Below are a few examples:

import java.util.ArrayList;

public class ArrayListTest {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		ArrayList<int> intList = new ArrayList<int>();
		ArrayList<double> doubleList = new ArrayList<double>();
		ArrayList<char> charList = new ArrayList<char>();
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Getting Unity Remote to work with iOS devices

Getting Unity Remote to work with iOS devices

If you are an aspiring game developer, or someone with a lot of experience making games, you may need to, at some point, test out your games on your mobile device. However, you may find that the process of having to build and install your game onto your mobile device a time-consuming and tedious process. Especially if you encounter any bugs or UI glitches and now have to go back into Unity, make the changes and repeat the installation process all over again.

With Unity Remote 5 however, this process can be entirely avoided as, not only can you directly test them through the editor, you can even make changes on the fly just by stopping the play and making your changes, before pressing play again to check and see the effects of the new changes.

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How to enable Developer Mode in iOS

How to enable Developer mode on iOS devices

Whether you are an aspiring developer, a game designer, or just someone who just so happens to need this function, getting iOS devices to be able to be compatible with imports for your code or applications can be challenging at times.

However, as of iOS 16 and above, you can now enable the new Developer Mode to help smoothen out the process of whatever special need you have.

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XAMPP phpMyAdmin not accessible in Windows

XAMPP phpMyAdmin is not accessible (in Windows)

XAMPP is a great tool for web developers because it packages a couple of applications used for web hosting into one program, and it allows websites to be tested locally on a computer. Unfortunately, because it links multiple applications together, it is pretty error-prone.

One of the errors that might happen is that you might not be able to access XAMPP’s phpMyAdmin, which provides users with an interface to modify the local SQL database. In this article, we go through the various reasons why this might occur, as well as how you can fix them.

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What to do if the UI Text component is missing in Unity

What to do if the UI Text component is missing in your Unity Editor

Unity is a popular game development engine that provides many tools to create interactive and engaging games. One of the most important aspects of any game is the user interface, which includes text elements that provide information and feedback to the player. Unity provides two options for creating text elements: the legacy Text component and the newer TextMeshPro.

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