What is a kinematic rigidbody?

What is a kinematic rigid body and how are they used in Unity?

If you’ve ever used a Rigidbody component in Unity, you may have seen a couple of settings on the component which may be a little difficult to understand the meaning of. On this site, we have covered what some of these settings mean and what they do, such as:

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Comparing the performance of String, StringBuilder, StringBuffer

Try it yourself: Compare the performance of Java’s String vs. StringBuilder vs. StringBuffer

If you are dynamically generating strings in your Java program, one of the best things you can do for your program is to build your string using a StringBuilder or StringBuffer, as opposed to using a regular old String.

The reason for this? In Java, strings are immutable, and every time you concatenate a string that the program hasn’t seen before, a new string object is created and stored in the heap. This means the whole process involves a lot of reading from and writing to the memory. The StringBuilder and StringBuffer in Java are objects that are designed to do string concatenation in a more efficient manner, but how much more?

We’ve got a simple Java program here that you can run from your browser so you can see it for yourself.

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How to rewrite author permalinks in WordPress

How to rewrite the author permalink URL structure in WordPress

Recently, one of our clients building their website on WordPress with us had a requirement — they wanted to have a URL base structure for their author pages that was different from the WordPress default. Instead of the default /author/[username] structure, they wanted to use /authors/[username] instead. Although there are plugins for this, we decided to implement it into the theme we were developing for the client to make the functionality as lightweight as possible.

Turns out, the implementation was pretty simple, as WordPress has built-in hooks for this. To update the author page URLs, we need to do 2 things:

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Exporting your Unity project as a Windows EXE

How to export your Unity project onto an executable (EXE) game on Windows

Unity provides game developers with a robust platform to create immersive experiences. Once you’ve completed your Unity project, it’s time to export it as an executable (.exe) file, allowing others to play your game on Windows. In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of exporting a Unity project as an executable game on Windows, covering important considerations along the way.

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