Creating an Underwater Survival Game like Subnautica Part 5 — Crafting System

This article is a part of the series:
Creating an Underwater Survival Game (like Subnautica) in Unity

Video authored, edited and subtitled by Sarah Kagda.

Hello everyone, and welcome to this installment of the Underwater Survival tutorial series! Here, I'll guide you in creating a Crafting System similar to Subnautica, as well as how to create recipes that you can use for the Crafting System.

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There is one comment:

  1. Hello, I’m having some issue with adding the event Listener in the button set up script currentButton.onClick.AddListener(() => CraftObjectFunc(recipe)); The button gets added with the correct sprite but it does not contain a Listener I’ve checked it in the inspector and there is no event added to OnClick, do you know why that might be?

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