Copypasta HTTP security headers
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Copypasta HTTP security headers for your Apache website

While I was doing SEO for this blog in the past few couple of days, I’ve come across a set of HTTP security headers I’ve never heard of before. These are a set of HTTP headers that you can deploy on your website(s) to tell browsers how to interact with your site in a variety of situations, and they can help to prevent things like cross-site request forgery or iFrame injection XSS attacks from happening on your site, as well as improve your website(s) SEO score (apparently).

Needless to say, I immediately sought to implement them. If you’re looking for some settings that you can copy and paste right into your own web server, read on further.

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How I fixed a Unity project that got stuck loading forever when opening a C# script

How I fixed a Unity project that got stuck loading forever when opening a C# script

Recently, while working on one of my projects in Unity, I opened one of my C# scripts, and… my Unity Editor decided to get itself stuck on the loading screen for a really long time. This led me to search online for a fix, and it took me quite some time.

Unity Editor infinite loading bar
The dreaded infinite loading bar.

If you’re experiencing the same issue, this article is for you. Hopefully, you won’t take as much time as I did to fix this error.

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XAMPP Apache not starting on macOS

XAMPP Apache not starting on macOS

XAMPP is a great tool for web developers who need to host websites locally on their own computer. Unfortunately, because it uses ports and services that are commonly used by other applications, conflicts can happen, causing certain applications on XAMPP to be unable to run.

In this article, we will we exploring what you can do if XAMPP’s Apache service does not run on a macOS platform.

We also have a guide if XAMPP Apache isn’t starting on your Windows device.

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glowing shader article splash

Writing a Unity Shader script for a glowing material — A deeper look

Subtle background animations always help to set the mood of the game. It might only be something simple as a slowly pulsing glow, but it adds to the ambience of the digital city that Terminus is set in.

This article takes a deeper look into some parts of my animated shader tutorial on Youtube, where I went through the creation of a shader used in one of my team’s recent projects.

  1. SubShader tags
    1. Queue
    2. RenderType
  2. Vertex and fragment
  3. Time
  4. Emission formula
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Unity Rigidbody Interpolation Hero

Unity Rigidbody’s Interpolate property

If you looked at the properties available for configuration on a Unity Rigidbody and poured through the documentation for it, you’ll likely find that most of its properties are pretty easily to understand, with the exception of Interpolate and Collision Detection. We’ve explored what the Collision Detection properties do in another article on this blog, and we’re going to explore the Interpolate property in this article.

Unity Rigidbody's Interpolate
The Interpolate property has 3 possible values.
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