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[Guide] Notable Map Generation Errors

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    Xavier Lee


    Following the release of Part 2 in which we first touched upon Map Generation, a lot of you have pointed out several notable issues with the system. So, I’ve put together this running list to help us keep track of them. I’ll mark each problem as [SOLVED] or [UNSOLVED], and keep this updated. Feel free to comment or make a new topic if you have any new errors!

    Chunks do not spawn when player is pushed


    Some of may you have noticed that when the player gets pushed by the enemies, the chunks fail to spawn.

    This issue has been solved in Part 11.

    Chunks spawn inconsistently when player moves diagonally


    A number of you reported that when the player moves diagonally, the chunks adjacent to the diagonal one fail to generate, interrupting the map’s consistent generation.

    This issue has been solved in Part 11.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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