Creating a Rogue-like (like Vampire Survivors) - Part 15

Creating a Rogue-like (like Vampire Survivors) in Unity — Part 15: Weapon System Revamp

This article is a part of the series:
Creating a Rogue-like Shoot 'Em Up (like Vampire Survivors) in Unity

This part of Vampire Survivors has been 2 months in the making, and it contains enough content to be split into 3 or 4 parts. Nevertheless, I decided to release it as a single part because there was no natural place I could split this part into.

This part contains a lot of advanced coding concepts that can help you take your programming to the next level if you've been following our series, because it contains a lot of reorganising of code to make our game easier to manage. At higher levels, good coding is often a matter of organisation rather than knowledge, because organising your codebase well will allow you to very easily create new content; and a poorly-organised codebase will be hell to work with when you create a lot of content. Hence, this part will be very helpful to those of you looking to take your coding skills to the next level.

In Part 15 of the Vampire Survivors series, we will be covering the rework of the weapon system so that it will be more flexible and intuitive to use. In essence, we are making the weapon system more integrated, so that our weapon data files will not be spread across multiple prefabs and data files:

Weapon data spread across multiple files.
Our weapon data for different levels was spread across multiple files, making them hard to manage.

Instead, we want all our level data, as well as our weapon evolution data, to all be kept within a single data file:

New weapon data setup
We want all our data to be contained within a single file.
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There are 2 comments:

  1. Looking forward to the videos, keep up the great work!
    Are you going to do more waves as well for the enemies and explain how to add enemies?
    I also noticed a few bugs like that the health potion is not giving anymore health when picked up.
    And some of the experience gems some times suddenly moving out of the screen instead to the character.

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