Creating a Rogue-like (like Vampire Survivors) - Part 8

Creating a Rogue-like Shoot ‘Em Up (like Vampire Survivors) — Part 8: Passive Items and Inventory

This article is a part of the series:
Creating a Rogue-like Shoot 'Em Up (like Vampire Survivors) in Unity

Ever wanted to create a rogue-like shoot 'em up game like Vampire Survivors? In Part 8 of our guide, we will go through how to create passive items, and a way to manage the player's inventory. This will include a way for the player to control and keep track of their existing passive items and weapons. We will also create functionality for our weapons and passive items to level up. You can also find Part 7 of our guide here, where we went through how to create an enemy spawning system, similar to the one seen in Vampire Survivors.

A link to a package containing the project files up to Part 8 of this tutorial series can also be found at the end of this article.

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There are 2 comments:

  1. This series is amazing.
    I did notice that the sentence ends abruptly in
    b. Implementing the UI functionality
    in 3. In the AddWeapon() and AddPassiveItem() methods, we simply set the sprite of the weapon/passive item to the Image component of the slotIndexth element of the weaponUISlots/passiveItemUISlots list. Perform the same for ___________

    1. Hi Thales, glad you are enjoying the tutorial series! Thanks for highlighting the error, it seems I forgot to remove that sentence. It should be updated now.

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