“Git” good — A hands-on tutorial for Git

“Git good” is a series of articles designed to get people acquainted with Git SCM through Git Bash in a simple, linear and accessible manner. Git is an incredibly powerful source control and project management tool, but it can also be difficult to pick up if you’re aiming to learn it yourself. This is because of two main reasons:

  1. You start from the deep end. Most existing resources for learning Git either throw you information with a lot of jargon, present you with a lot of documentation from the get-go, or assume that you’re already a computer professional.
  2. Git runs on concepts that are rather tacit. This means that to really understand Git, you need to get hands-on experience. Without it, the concepts that Git brings into play can seem clunky and unnecessary (but are actually very elegant).

Hence, to help people learn Git faster and easier than we did, we put together this series of articles that is easy-to-follow, and uses a set of hands-on exercises to help people acquaint themselves to the software. As the articles build upon each other, it is best to read them in sequence.

Series Contents

  1. Part 1 — Let’s “Git” the Basics