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[Part 5] Column issues

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    Im trying to add the column that gets added into the background but when i walk past it my player is behind it and i cant figure out why after watching the video and folloiwing as best as i could so i thought id ask for help here. Currently my player is set to a default sorting layer with an order in layer of 1 my column its self has the rocks set to background and a layer of 0 whilst the black square is background and -1 . Ive then made the coloumn an object of background 2 which is set to 15 Z as the video says. If any of these values or layers are wrong please let me know :)

    Joseph Tang

    It may seem a bit confusing but, Default layer is the original and lowest layer in the project, being at Sorting Layer & Builtin Layer 0.

    To fix this, simply set the Player’s Sorting layer to Midground, or go to your Layer settings through any game object’s Layer > Add Layer > Sorting Layer, and change the position of Default Sorting Layer to higher than Midground [Or whatever you want for it].


    Thanks for this made perfect sense once you explained it

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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