Create a Farming RPG in Unity - Part 16

Creating a Farming RPG (like Harvest Moon) in Unity — Part 16: NPC Gifts and Displaying Relationship Information

This article is a part of the series:
Creating a Farming RPG (like Harvest Moon) in Unity

Ever wanted to create a game like Harvest Moon in Unity? Check out Part 16 of our guide here, where we go through how to give NPC Gifts and how to display relationship information. You can also find Part 15 of our guide here, where we went through how to set up scene transitions.

A link to a package containing the project files up to Part 16 of this tutorial series can also be found at the end of this article, exclusive to Patreon subscribers only.

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  1. hello in part 16 we see how to give gifts to the NPC how can you do the opposite how can you set up one day prescie the NPC offers us a gift thank you again for all the work have a good day mickael

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