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    Hi everyone,

    Welcome to Terresquall’s community forums. We put these forums together because we were receiving a lot of questions from viewers about how to fix certain bugs, or implement specific additional features in our YouTube tutorial series on making games in Unity. While answering these questions in the YouTube comments, we found that many of our users had the same few questions, so we thought that creating a forum was the best way for us to formally document these questions.

    We hope that, in following our tutorial series, these forums will allow you to find the answers to the questions that you have. Each of our tutorial series will have a specific subforum designated to it under the Video Game Tutorials forum, where you will find some of the most common questions people ask on the YouTube comments of the series. If you are unable to find the answers to your question, you can also log in with either your Patreon account, or your Google account, and post your questions on the respective forums. We will respond to your queries as soon as possible.

    Lastly, if you have any bug reports for this site or the forum, please head over to this topic on bug reporting to notify us of the bug(s).

    And finally…

    welcome to the terresquall forums


    Our Community Pioneers

    I’ll also like to take this chance to thank all of our Patrons, past and present, who supported us during the days before this forum was up. All of you helped to make this possible, and if you connect your Patreon account to this site, you will receive a Community Pioneer badge on your profile page for this site.

    Below are a list of all our community pioneers:

    Super Community Pioneers

    • Kayla Marie
    • Corey Matthews
    • Charlie
    • Jimmy Fingus
    • Sabrina Bateman
    • JungleGym
    • Draken
    • Jamie
    • Emi Ghenea
    • Anderson Ables
    • Thales Ferreira
    • Loh Cheeyung
    • Forzparta
    • Liam Nash
    • Sebastian
    • 无 无
    • Christian Stovall
    • Chris Foster
    • Shay Dotan
    • Chris
    • Chris Germano
    • LazerFerret
    • Milky Rinoa

    Community Pioneers

    • AB95
    • Eddy
    • davidhoernchen
    • Terence Pek
    • Ziyao FENG
    • Solo Azume
    • 竞 叶
    • Jacob Henderson
    • Ryan
    • Jeff Alves
    • tasos neophytou
    • Danton Freitas
    • Karl Delapena
    • Amar AM7
    • Alejandro Piñero
    • Q
    • Lisa Burini
    • Jaden38
    • 喆 通
    • xx xx
    • xiejiaojiao
    • roguedev20
    • Oleksandr Puzanov
    • Chris Jones
    • adam adam
    • lin xiao
    • Ruonan
    • kamiko
    • Smallu
    • bob
    • Kailey
    • Diệu Linh Lê
    • Napat Ardrith
    • Frodese Daarol
    • Kub Kymberly
    • Aaron Kelly
    • Gustavo Eyer de Menezes
    • Michał Bilik
    • Over Den
    • Joana Rodrigues
    • Sandijs
    • qPerc
    • NeonBall Game
    • Diego Angulo
    • Fabien Guillaume
    • Dallas Thompson
    • HearthDraft
    • World Architect
    • cheng tang
    • ych 233
    • chuqi han
    • 135
    • GuanHc
    • ปราบศึก สงฆ์จันทร์
    • minghui324
    • 蜥蜴 落单
    • too soo
    • James
    • Foile
    • Sylviaaa
    • ynhos Ao
    • ym
    • Hoang Phan
    • AIhon_z
    • Sebastian Cotrina
    • Furie
    • 乐怡
    • Jonathan Rhee
    • 承宏 賴
    • Rebecca Owen
    • Le Duc Anh
    • Ariel Rie
    • Blaze Kunz
    • PCY07
    • Grandukes555
    • abc abc
    • Nick Donohue
    • Badrio Taupani
    • Herul Gamedev
    • yu-181
    • 李泽粲
    • Pooja Mandavia
    • butterfly
    • www
    • Efe Tuzlu
    • Dhita
    • muchamad maftuchin
    • Imago
    • realMarkusUnger
    • WM
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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