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Unity 6 sounds pretty awesome

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    The biggest features are going to be:

    • A project-aware AI helper that will be integrated into the Editor, so it can help give useful prompts to developers in terms of creating features or solving errors.
    • A new multiplayer module that is going to be much more easy to use than previous iterations, with cool features such as automatic hosting / client setup, testing, and even in-game chat filtering. You can check out a tech demo of the new module here.

    CodeMonkey has a great summary of this:

    Which feature is your favourite, and why?

    Firzanah Zuyyin

    Honestly, really looking forward to the updated graphics tools, especially the VFX templates and being able to set the default Render Pipelines!! Even creating simple lighting and particles can be suuuper troublesome, and making graphics easier to create and manage is a huge plus for Unity 6!

    Rayner Lee

    The new multiplayer module is so cool and definitely worth looking forward to. The tiny performances improvements is really nice to have as well as it just makes things much easier and saves so much time. The multiplayer center is also really helpful for new people to make multiplayer games without too much trouble. All in all, looking forward to Unity 6!

    Joseph Tang

    I’ll hold some of my expectations back, by the promises in the roadmap and AI features look quite appealing.

    For game developers who do not have many artistic capabilities, or would like to find appropriate assets for their games, being able to use AI to help facilitate and create certain animations and materials will certainly be beneficial for those looking to bump up the realism of their game.
    I’m certain there will be hiccups along the road for making their AI work well and create according to the intentions of developers, but it looks great.

    Finally Unity will also be able to get some much needed VFX templates that can make VFX creation a more efficient process, furthermore the day and night system, while beneficial in niche situations, will definitely be a timesaver for some games.

    I have yet to face any major issues with my GPU and URP, but it sounds good to work on minimizing the workload of the computing systems to make a smoother development process.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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