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[part 9] sound design questions

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    Anuk Thotawatta

    How can i add looping sounds for foot steps and wall-slide. Using audioSource.PlayOneShot(footsteps); in Move() function sounded buggy and it plays even when im standing still

    Anuk Thotawatta
     private void Move()
            rb.velocity = new Vector2(walkSpeed * xAxis, rb.velocity.y);
            anim.SetBool("Walking", rb.velocity.x != 0 && Grounded());

    why does it sound like this?

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    Joseph Tang

    If you want to play SFX, It’s better to find method’s that you know will only be fired under the circumstances that you want.

    What i mean by that is, if you want a walking SFX, you should put your play audio under an if statement for a bool that’s checking if you are currently moving on the ground, or simply use the getaxisraw horizontal && grounded for the if parameter.

    Then, you want to stop the sound clip from replaying, currently you have your clip on a Update(), so it will replay every frame instead of looping. What you might want to do is have an if statement check if your !audiosource.isplaying. Or a better scenario is to set up a bool specifically for walking since the former solution can be messed up by your character playing other sounds.

    Take a look at this for some tips on how you can set up your sound the way you want.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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