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[Part 1] Camera glitching and not showing smooth player movement

Home Forums Video Game Tutorial Series Creating a Metroidvania in Unity [Part 1] Camera glitching and not showing smooth player movement

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    Kiefer Neo

    If your gameplay looks like it’s stuttering while the player’s movement looks inconsistent here are some ways you can fix that:

    1) Reducing the player’s speed can help to reduce the amount of stuttering the camera experiences:
    When the player moves too quickly, the camera may struggle to keep up with the sudden changes in position. By reducing the player’s speed, the camera has more time to smoothly track the player’s movement, reducing stuttering. This can be achieved by adjusting the player’s movement code or applying speed modifiers to limit the maximum speed.

    2) Change the CameraFollow script’s Update() function to a FixedUpdate() function:
    In Unity, the Update() function is called once per frame, which can lead to inconsistencies in camera movement if the frame rate fluctuates. By changing the function to FixedUpdate(), it is invoked at fixed intervals that are independent of the frame rate. This ensures that the camera movement remains consistent, even if the frame rate varies, resulting in a smoother gameplay experience.

    3) Changing the Player’s rigidbody2D Interpolation to Interpolate or Extrapolate:
    Unity’s rigidbody2D component provides interpolation options that can improve the smoothness of object movement. Interpolation helps in predicting the object’s position between frames, reducing stuttering. By setting the interpolation mode to either “Interpolate” or “Extrapolate,” the physics system will estimate the object’s position more accurately, resulting in smoother player movement and reduced inconsistencies.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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