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How to post images on this forum

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    If you are looking to post an image on this forum, please upload your image onto Imgur here:

    Embedding Imgur images

    Once the image is uploaded, you will have the option to copy an embed link.

    Embedding images from Imgur

    You can use copy and paste this embed code onto your post to display the image on the forums. This will give you a result that looks something like this:

    welcome to the terresquall forums

    Note: Do not edit Imgur’s embed code, as modified Imgur embed codes may not pass the site’s security filters and get removed.

    Embedding without the Imgur border

    If you want to embed an image without the Imgur border, you can also copy the image URL from the image on Imgur, then use the IMG tag (found on the Quicktags toolbar above) to insert the image:

    Image to insert

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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