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[General] some suggestions for the project

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    mika machaine
    Former Patron

    hello this tutorial is really a pure treat I allow you to give you some suggestion and what later you plan to put the possibility of fishing (I fish and the fish that I recover I can give them to Uncle Ben and he in return he gives me a gift) machines to transform the fruit into jam and then we can sell them, for the shop and what we can add a table which allows us to buy tools, seeds already possible, also the possibility of buying animals that makes very much the project makes me want so much that my imagination overflows thank you again for all the tutorials have a good day mika


    Thanks mika, I’m glad the tutorial makes your imagination come alive. Will keep your suggestions in mind.

    Jonathan Teo

    Hi mika, we will be moving in the direction of NPCs and the marriage mechanic at the moment, so fishing, crafting, and machines are a long way off, but those are really cool and I want to get to that eventually

    mika machaine
    Former Patron

    hello thank you very much for the feedback I had not thought about the wedding delighted it will give life to the project and what is possible to give us the procedure to follow to add new animals I thank you again for everything you do have a good day

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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