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[General] Creating Thousand Edge (Knife Evolution)

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    Joseph Tang

    This is a post to provide detail on how to create the Thousand Edge Weapon Evolution for our Rogue-like Shoot-em Up series.
    To do this we’ll be going through 1 thing:

    1. Creating the Weapon Data and Evolution Data

    For convenience, below are the links to the article and the video that our code & scriptable objects will be based off:

    The Thousand Edge is a relatively simple evolved form of the Knife. It performs the same function as the Knife weapon, only with a lower cooldown, amount and speed. Thus, we can recreate the weapon by simply copying the Knife, while replacing the right weapon values.

    1. Creating the Weapon Data and Evolution Data

    Thousand Edge Weapon Data

    • Create a new scriptable object using “Weapon Data” & select the “Projectile Weapon” Behaviour.
    • input the relevant values for the Thousand Edge [Which can be found here: ].
    • Set the “Spawn Variance” to Y: [-0.5] & H: [1]. This will offset the Thousand Edge knives to spawn the projectiles from a wider range instead of a straight line.

    Set the values to the following image for the Thousand Edge.

    Knife/Bracer Evolution Data

    • Select the Knife & Bracer Scriptable Object & add a new Evolution data to it.
    • Set the “Condition” to “Treasure Chest” & the “Consumes” to “Weapons”, ensuring the weapon only evolves when picking up a chest and will only remove the weapon involved with the evolution.
    • Set the “Evolution Level” to [8] for the Knife and [5] for the Bracer, before adding the catalyst which selects the other weapon/passive item for the corresponding level of [8] & [5].
    • Select the Thousand Edge Scriptable Object as the outcome and set it at level [1]

    Set the Evolution Data to the following image for the Knife. [Copy the setup for the Bracer]

    That concludes how to create the Thousand Edge Weapon.

    If you encounter any issues in creating the Thousand Edge, you can submit a forum post to go into detail on your problem for further assistance.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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