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Chunk generation problem in Vampire Survivors project

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    niko bellic


    First, I want to say that your videos have helped me a lot with what I was planning to do, and as a beginner in coding, I’m so happy with your tutorials. I’m writing this email also to mention that the chunk system has a sliding issue. I looked through the comments on the video and saw that you suggested writing a message through email, and I have a small video showing what’s happening. If you know what the problem could be, it will be great to let me know how I can fix it :)

    By the way my chunks are 16×16 big and the trigger collision is set to 15. Chunks are in “Terrain” Layer and I have all of the directional poitns set to 16/-16 in all direction.

    Vampire Survivors chunk generation issue

    Xavier Lee

    Hi niko! It seems that the issue might have something to do with the moveDir variable. From what I can gather from the video, it seems that the chunks only spawn when the player moves in the left direction and fails to spawn when moving in the right direction.

    One thing I can suggest you to do is to double check the code in the PlayerMovement script. It looks to me that the something might be wrong there. Since you don’t have a sprite for your player character you might have missed some important implementation.

    Another thing I can suggest is that if you have not yet watched the Part 11 video, I encourage you to do so since revamped and made major improvements to the MapGeneration script. In this part, we removed the MapGeneration script’s dependency on the PlayerMovement script so perhaps the issue you have been facing might be solved.

    Hope this helps!

    If none of these things work could you perhaps give more information about your code.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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