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[General] Bats acting weird

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    Anuk Thotawatta

    my bats are chasing the player really fast when i try to run away.

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    Joseph Tang

    To test these kinds of bugs, i suggest creating a new scene. Then use a flat ground with just your player and your enemy. Find the commonality of the issue and then trace the source of the problem.

    Right now, i can’t conclude much but i can maybe theorize that your bat may be accelerating with your player’s top speed, or it’s chase velocity somehow doubled.

    You’ll need to check the Bat’s RigidBody2D’s inspector value and see if it looks like it’s a weird number or one that’s something like 2x your set chase speed.
    You’ll also need to find how the bug starts. Because of your enclosed room, it’s not quite obvious what causes the issue, but I’d guess whenever your player jumps. Unlikely, but that’s the most i can tell from the video.

    Anuk Thotawatta

    i set the game to full screen and now they fly normally. i guess when the game is finished this problem will solve itself

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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