The ultimate 2D platformer guide for Unity

Looking for a definitive guide on how to make use of Unity’s various features to develop a 2D platformer? How about scripting guides to code key features usually found in a 2D platformer? Look no further — we’ve compiled a guide, comprising of posts we have made over the years, that will help you create the dream game you’ve always wanted.

For beginners and veterans alike

The series of posts that comprise of this guide are designed for both beginners, as well as veteran game developers. For beginners, you’re highly recommended to follow the posts below from start to end. Veterans, however, may choose to skip right to the sections that can help fill up your knowledge gaps about the Unity platform.

Be forewarned, veterans, that each of the posts in this series are written like chapters in a book. Hence, you might find that you’ll need to read some of the earlier posts to fully understand what is happening in some of the later posts. We try, as much as possible, to include links and references to older posts wherever necessary, so you won’t have to read the whole guide just to understand the specific part you are interested in.

Table of contents

  1. Preamble: The definitive guide to installing Unity
  2. The ultimate 2D platformer guide for Unity: Part 1 — Tilemaps
  3. The ultimate 2D platformer guide for Unity: Part 2 — Player Character