Fixing a jittery camera in Unity
Screenshot from Cobalt Blue, a game currently in development.

Fix jittery camera movement in Unity with Rigidbody Interpolate

If you’ve got a player character in your game that derives its movement from a Rigidbody or Rigidbody2D component in Unity, and you write a script to make your camera follow it, you will likely see jittering in your camera movement.

Here’s an example:

Camera jitter in Unity
It’s not very noticeable if you don’t move at high speeds.
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Creating a Farming RPG in Unity - Part 4: Item Management

Creating a Farming RPG (like Harvest Moon) in Unity — Part 4: Item Management

Ever wanted to create a game like Harvest Moon in Unity? Check out Part 4 of our guide here, where we go through how to create an item management system. You can also find Part 3 of our guide here, where we went through how to set up farmland elements that our player character will interact with.

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