Create a Farming RPG in Unity

Create a Farming RPG (like Harvest Moon) in Unity

As the title suggests, this is a series of articles and video tutorials designed to teach people how to create a Farming RPG game in Unity. Be forewarned: as RPG games are very complex, some parts of these tutorials involve pretty complicated programming concepts. The bright side is, going through these tutorials can help you learn a lot about Unity and about programming in a very short time.

Note: Project files are included in the later parts of these tutorials, and are available to Patreon supporters. Each tutorial also comes with an accompanying video, which can be found in the article itself.

Series Contents

Below are the parts of the series that have been published so far.

  • Upcoming parts for the Farming RPG Tutorial Series

    1. Creating the Panel Tabs UI
    2. NPC Schedules
    3. Rearing Chickens